blythe doll by kenner

My first Blythe Doll

For those of you who might not know, Hazel was my first Kenner Blythe Doll purchase. I really didn’t know much about Kenners at the time. I didn’t even know there was black haired girls and brunettes. I thought she was just a brunette! I just was so attracted by her cute face I had to have her! I really thank the advice of my close friend Jess about bidding. I think every day I upped what I was willing to bid by $100. I can’t believe I won her in the end! I paid for express shipping but the seller took over the weekend and a few days to get her in the mail. I was so impatient and the torture was killing me. I got her and she was wrapped in some sort of medical padding. I can see her fresh new blushy face still in my head. I nearly thought something was wrong when I saw all her blush. I asked myself “is she supposed to be this way?”. What made me feel so close to her was her hair had this amazing vintage wave to it, nearly a fingerwave. Her bangs curl in the most graceful manner. I think I spent all day just combing her hair (and picking grubby pieces of shag carpet and melted rubber band out of it) I quickly explored photographing her at all angles. She started my addiction to the vintage Blythe and really changed my life. She is an artists muse that keeps me creating and enjoying my imagination. She will forever be my first love!

Well the holidays are over so I have no more excuses for sitting on my behind. I knit Babette a little sweater last week and am waiting on a few more pattern books for new knitting project inspiration. I started sewing a little again. Soon you will see a new style dress available in etsy soon. I’m calling this one Party Princess. I ran out of the lace I was using for the first batch. I located some very similar accent lace so I can keep working on this style. I think by Monday or Tuesday you will get a preview of this.