The Surprising Facts About the Law of Attraction

In times of trouble or times of fear, sadness or depression, I often look for encouraging words to soothe my soul. Finding meaningful quotes or phrases helps keep me focused on positive thoughts. If I dont do this I am likely to dive into a downward spiral that gets worse and worse. In those challenging times, I find that the law of attraction is a very real thing. The law of attraction states that like attracts like. A downward emotional spiral is exactly that bad thoughts attracting more and more bad thoughts. On the opposite side of the coin, positive thoughts also attract more positive thoughts.

When I am sad or afraid however, I find it difficult to keep focused on positive thoughts. That is why I like to keep a journal or card with meaningful quotes from scripture, affirmations or a nice simple prayer with me. I keep it in my wallet or purse and when I start to feel like I am losing control of my positive thinking, I retreat to a secluded place and meditate on my positive words. I close my eyes and surround myself with love and golden light as I am doing this. I can feel the negative energy dissolving as I merge myself with the golden light. This is one of the ways that is helpful for me to overcome negative feelings. It always lightens my energy and makes me feel better.

How to overcome depression can be tricky at times because depression is a very heavy energy. Allowing myself to cry also helps immensely. Crying releases stress hormones and is a great way to flush away heavy negative feelings. Another way is to exercise. Exercising releases endorphins which are the feel good hormone. Work up a good sweat and feel you bad mood drift away!